What We Do

And A Partridge designs, creates, and launches websites for small businesses.

Start Selling Online

If you have product to sell, we want to help you sell it! We specialize in e-commerce, with state-of-the-art Search Engine Optimization practices, and a knack for taxonomy. We will help you establish what your site should be ranking well for and get you showing up in the right search results on Google. Most importantly, we will help you get your products online, looking pretty, and get those products in front of Google searchers.

Claim Local Search Traffic

If your product is the services you provide, we’ll create a plan for how to get your site showing up in Google searches for those services in your area.

Visibility For You

With the launch of your website – or redesign of your existing site – we will ensure that Google Analytics is properly set up, so that you can immediately start seeing how working with And A Partridge has upped the traffic to your site.